Saturday, April 28, 2012

Infected by Scott Sigler

Greeting my shambling, shuffling friends.

I dont mean to seem preoccupied looking out my windows, but I am sure the cops will be coming any minute to kick in my door and haul me away. Now I know what your thinking and you are wrong, this is not a marijuana induced paranoia. This paranoia comes from the morgellons like infection that is crawling through the novel, INFECTED by Scott Sigler.

Infected is not a typical zombie novel,  there are no undead creatures dying to force large chunks of warm flesh down their little rotting throats, but the unlucky souls who happen to have become   Infected, do loose control over themselves, and begin killing people in a paranoid adrenalin fueled rage.

Most of the book is divided between people trying to hunt down, quarantine and study the infected, and Perry, an infected giant of a man,  who fights to remain in control through the whole novel.

Reading the thoughts that were running through Perry's mind, was like having a chance to listen to the thoughts in the mind of someone suffering split personality disorder, with a strong sense of paranoia. As the paranoia increased, so did the action, making Infected harder to put down everytime I would pick it up.

Time for the G.R.E.A.T. score.

Gore- Very satisfying, as the main character fights the infection he has to practice self mutilation, with each act of it becoming worst then the last, and the well written details will built a sadstic image of pain in your mind. 10

Realism- This infection mimicked margellons, which is considered by the CDC as being mass paranoia and a hallucination, so this novel worked well with modern themes in reality. 9

Entertainment- Very much so, switching between the virus, the authorities and Perry prevents dull moments during your read. 8

Action- OH YES! The actions of the characters were right on que with the escalation of the infection. 8.5

Thrills- more than one evening I would lay in bed imagining the itch and crawling feelings of the infection while trying to drift off to sleep. Infected will not leave your mind once you put it down for the night.8.0

The final G.R.E.A.T. score is: 8.7 !

Infected by Scott Sigler is available through, or your local bookstore.

It is time for me to go again but before I do, let me ask you this question.

Is there a limit to the amount of pain and damage you would go through to save yourself from an infection, or is there just a certain point where you lay there and let it happen? You will have to read  Infected by Scott Sigler to truly answer that question.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, I will be shuffling along with the lost.

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